The Volvo Environment Prize celebrates 35 Years.

Many previous laureates have been trailblazers and pioneers whose work has shaped the modern sustainability agenda. Learn more about their work in videos and articles on our website.

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Rewarding Pathbreaking Science

The International Prize Jury

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2023 Prize Awarded for Amazon Research

The 2023 Volvo Environment Prize honored Professor Eduardo Brondizio for his impactful research on the Amazon, focusing on the complex interplay of social and environmental challenges in the region. His work, which emphasizes the importance of integrating local knowledge systems with global sustainability efforts, was featured through the premiere of “The Urbanized Jungle,” a film highlighting his significant contributions.

The recent laureates

What is the purpose of the Volvo Environment Prize?

The Volvo Environment Prize aims to recognize and support outstanding scientific achievements that contribute significantly to environmental protection and sustainability.

Who is behind the Volvo Environment Prize?

The Volvo Environment Prize is an independent foundation run by a scientific committee. The committee initially screens candidates, and the International Prize Jury makes the final selection.
The Foundation’s work is financed by Volvo Group, a leading provider of vehicles and heavy-duty machines. Volvo Group’s vision is to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. Part of these efforts is supporting scientific research and innovations that will lead the world to a more sustainable path.

Who can get the award?

Anyone can nominate for the Volvo Environment Prize. However, it is a scientific award, so scientific excellence is the most important criterion. The candidate must have an outstanding research and publication record in his or her field. Strong emphasis is also placed on the impact of the research on the policy and application sectors.