Why does a company making trucks, buses and construction vehicles have an environmental prize?

Because concern for the environment and sustainability is part of the core values of the Volvo Group, and has been for a long time. The Volvo Group are pioneers in developing vehicles and heavy-duty machines that use renewable fuels, hybrids and electricity. The vision is to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. Sustainability for the Volvo Group also implies creating shared value – not only for shareholders but also for communities and individuals. Part of these efforts is support for scientific research and innovations leading the world onto a more sustainable path.

Does the Volvo Group influence who gets the prize?

No, the Volvo Environment Prize Foundation is independent, run by a scientific committee and hosted at the Beijer Institute in Stockholm. This is to ensure the thorough and independent scientific screening of candidates. The Beijer Institute is highly regarded worldwide for its work on ecological economics and sustainability, and it is an institute of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Is the Volvo prize connected to the Nobel prizes?

No. The Foundation of the Volvo Environment Prize is independent and has its own scientific committee, board and prize jury. The secretariat is located in the main premises of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden.

Are only environmental scientists eligible for the prize?

There are many outstanding biologists and environmental scientists among the laureates but the scope of the award is wide. The idea is to promote scientific research and innovations that in broad terms fall within the environmental and sustainability field. So previous laureates also include economists, urban development experts, energy specialists, poverty adversaries and many others who are exploring the path to sustainability.

Can anyone nominate a person for the Volvo Environment Prize?

Yes. Use the nomination form on this website, make sure you have read the nomination guidelines, and submit. There is a strong emphasis on scientific achievements, so be sure that all of these are included. Please remember that no self-nominations are accepted.