View the virtual award event (~1 hour)

Why we believe in science

Martin Lundstedt talks to Niklas Gustafsson about why the Volvo Group has supported sustainability research for more than 30 years.

Première of the film about Claire Kremen’s research

HUNGRY PLANET – Feeding humanity while protecting biodiversity

How to change the way we produce food

Professor Hannah Wittman on rethinking agriculture.

Insects – the unknown wildlife

Professor Riccardo Bommarco talks about “the little things that run the world.”

Jury citation

Professor Will Steffen, Chairman of the Prize Jury.

2020 laureate Claire Kremen

Award ceremony

Message from HRH Crown Princess Victoria

On the importance of biodiversity research

Santa Ono, President, and Vice-Chancellor, University of British Columbia

How to feed humanity and also preserve wildlife and biodiversity

Panel discussion with Claire Kremen, Marco Lambertini, Nina Ichikawa and Riccardo Bommarco.

Musical entertainment

José González


HRH Crown Princess Victoria

Marco Lambertini

Secretary-General, WWF International

Nina Ichikawa

Director, Berkeley Food Institute

Riccardo Bommarco

Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Hannah Wittman

Professor, University of British Columbia

Santa Ono

President, and Vice-Chancellor, University of British Columbia

Martin Lundstedt

President & CEO of the Volvo Group and Chairman of the Volvo Environment Prize Foundation.

Niklas Gustafsson

Secretary Volvo Environment Prize Foundation

José González

Singer-songwriter and guitarist