Scientists at NOAA are doing ozone research. NOAA is one of the organizations on the Top 5 list of awarded organizations and universities.

A mapping for the Volvo Environment Award’s new website shows that two universities tie for the top spot; Stanford University, USA, and the University of British Columbia, Canada, each has four Volvo Environment prize laureates. On the Top 5 list are Oxford University, UK, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the US, and the University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, each with two laureates.

The rest of the prizes up until 2020 were awarded to 32 different universities and organizations worldwide. The US is dominating with 18 awards in total, Europe has nine awards, Asia six awards, Canada four awards, South America four awards, and Australia two awards. Until 2006  between two or up to four scientists sometimes shared the prize (11 years with shared awards and six years with one laureate). From 2007 and onwards there have been single laureates only. Since the first award in 1990, there has been a total of 47 laureates.

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