a man smiling while having an presentation Winner of the Volvo Environment Prize 2023 Anthropology Professor Eduardo Brondizio

Agroforestry a way forward for the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest needs protection for climate stability and biodiversity, but the people living in often harsh conditions need economic development. How to solve this dilemma was discussed at the Prize event on Nov 22. The laureate Eduardo Brondizio underlined the economic importance of small-scale farming, providing millions of jobs in rural areas and a third of the global food production.

Watch the event / https://www.environment-prize.com

Worker neghborhood beside the Amazon forest

The Urbanized Jungle

Can a fruit save the rainforest? The popularity of the acai fruit has boosted local economies in Amazonia. Watch the film about Eduardo Brondizio’s research on people living in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. There are many myths about the Amazon; the film Urbanized Jungle shows the reality. 

Watch   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKkTHKYVw1c&t=139s

a women singing Kristin Amparo, Music entertainment

The 2023 Award Ceremony

The prize event highlighted one of the most urgent sustainability issues – integrating human developments with biodiversity and climate stability. Watch the panel discussion, award ceremony, entertainment, and other parts of the one-hour event.