Microplastics in focus 2022

Plastic pollution and what to do about it. See the film about the research on the 2022 laureates.

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Volvo Environment
Prize Award Ceremony

November 29 | 2022

A one-hour video streaming event, broadcast to an online audience in real-time.
Learn more about this year’s laureates Tamara Galloway; Richard Thompson, and Penelope Lindeque that have conducted groundbreaking research in understanding the impact of microplastics on humans and the environment.


Niklas Gustafsson says welcome and invites Martin Lundstedt, Volvo Group President and CEO
The crucial role of science and technology in the green transformation

About the Prize
“You need to be a world-class scientist”

Video about the award and scientific requirements

Premiere of the film “Plastic Ocean” – about the laureates and their research
(in two parts)

Niklas Gustafsson talks to Dr Sybille van den Hove, member of the Prize Jury and Professor Thomas Elmqvist, member of the Scientific Committee

Jury citation

How can plastic pollution best be prevented?
 A session with the 2022 years laureates Tamara Galloway, Richard Thompson and Penelope Lindeque with input from from Matt Simon, Markus Horcher and Nivedha RM

Questions from PhD students

Award Ceremony

Remarks by H.E. Ms Judith Gough, His Majesty’s Ambassador to Sweden

Live performance
Music entertainment by Amena Alsamea


Professor Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson
Professor, University of
Plymouth. 2022 laureate
Volvo Environment Prize

Professor Tamara Galloway

Tamara Galloway
Professor, University of Exeter. 2022 laureate
Volvo Environment Prize

women standing on a boat

Penelope Lindeque
Professor Plymouth Marine Laboratory. 2022 laureate
Volvo Environment Prize

Thomas Elmqvist

Thomas Elmqvist
Professor, Stockholm
University, member of the Scientific

persons standing on a beach with the ocean behind him

Matt Simon
Author and Science Journalist,
Wired magazine

women smiling for a picture

Amena Alsameai
Musical artist

Sybille van den hove

Dr. Sybille van den Hove,
Jury member

Martin Lundstedt

Martin Lundstedt
President & CEO of the Volvo Group and Chairman of the Volvo Environment Prize Foundation

Niklas Gustafsson

Niklas Gustafsson
Secretary Volvo Environment Prize Foundation

Markus Horcher. Director of Sustainability & Public Affairs, Borealis

Markus Horcher
Director of Sustainability and Public Affairs, Borealis

a women in a picture

Nivedha RM
Founder & CEO