Carlos Nobre

Brazilian scientist Carlos Nobre, laureate of the Volvo Environment Prize 2016, is known for his research on how to protect the Amazon and prevent the “savannization” of the rainforest due to climate change and deforestation. He also leads the Amazonia 4.0 Initiative, which seeks to develop a bio-based economy for the region. Carlos Nobre has now been awarded for his work in “science diplomacy” by AAAS, the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Nobre is honored for his “career-spanning work to understand and protect the biodiversity and Indigenous People of the Amazon,” according to the award committee.

Carlos Nobre has several times warned that the Amazon might be closer to a tipping point than previously thought. Frequent fires and deforestation have a profound impact. If 20 -25 % of the rainforest were cut down, it could reach a tipping point at which large parts of Amazonia would flip to a savannah-like ecosystem.

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