Thomas Elmquist

Thomas Elmqvist, PhD, is a professor in Natural Resource Management at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. His research is focused on urbanization, urban ecosystem services, land use change, natural disturbances and components of resilience including the role of social institutions.

He has led and coordinated several major international interdisciplinary research projects, such as the UN-initiated global project “Cities and Biodiversity Outlook” and the Future Earth Project “Urban Planet” He currently serves as Editor in chief for the Nature Research journal “npj Urban Sustainability” and as associated editor for the journals Sustainability Science, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. He has published over 100 papers, 30 books and book chaptersand received the Biodiversa prize 2018 for “Excellence in science and impact” and the Ecological Society of America 2019 prize for best paper in  “Sustainability Science”.