One of the scientific world's most respected environmental prizes

How is a laureate selected?

The prize jury will make the announcement by the end of October. We talked to Christina Leijonhufvud, prize coordinator, about the process leading up to the selection of a laureate.

Q: Is it a difficult process to select a candidate?

A: I wouldn’t say it´s difficult, but it takes time. We do careful screening of all nominations. The jury meets twice a year and the scientific committee gives them carefully prepared briefings. It is necessary, since there is strong emphasis on scientific excellence in the selection process.

Q: You have worked for many years with the Volvo Environment Prize. Is there anything that has changed regarding nominations during this period?

A: Yes. We now have many more nominations for scientists not coming from the Western world. That is very encouraging. 

Q: What is the best part of your job as prize coordinator?

A: It is always fun to meet the laureates when they come to Stockholm for the Award Ceremony! It’s also really interesting to work continuously with the Scientific Committee and the Prize Jury, because environment and sustainability issues are developing so rapidly.

Christina Leijonhufvud is the prize coordinator for the Volvo Environment Foundation.