Laureate 2000

The 2000 Volvo Environment Prize was awarded Professor José Goldemberg, Professor Thomas B Johansson, Professor Amulya K N Reddy and Dr Robert H.Williams, representing four continents, for their joint work on the global energy problem.The emphasis is on energy use rather than supply and is manifested in co-authored books having had important influence on global policy work. One constructive idea in the laureates’ work is that of bringing technologies into practice in the South that have not previously been commercialized in the North. It points a way to global energy systems that are environmentally sound and responsive to human needs.

The Prize Jury's Citation:
The Volvo Environment Prize for the year 2000 has been awarded jointly to Professor José Goldemberg (Brazil), Dr. Thomas B. Johansson (Sweden), Professor Amulya K.N. Reddy (India) and Dr. Robert H. Williams (USA) for their outstanding collaborative achievement since the early 1980's of working out a new policy-driven approach to the technical analysis of world energy needs and how they could be provided for the early decades of this century.